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Extra Rewards - Bring a Friend

snowtubingOne out of every 3 new owners at The Villas at Tree Tops & Fairway® are introduced by an existing owner. It makes sense when you buy a car, TV or get work done, don't you check with people that you know who already have one or had work done by someone? It’s human nature to feel better having an endorsement, a reference from someone you know who has done it before. It’s a reliability test, which works. The same is true for our product. Our owners love to bring friends and family members to have fun with them and we provide a way to do that and get some extra benefits at the same time. Through our Referral Rewards Program you can not only share in the fun, but also get great rewards at the same time.

How Do I Earn Referral Rewards?
When you send a guest* that comes for a 3 day/2 night stay
250 rewards
PLUS 750 additional rewards

When you give ten (10) valid names and phone numbers you receive:

(one time only per membership)
* Qualified Referral

125 rewards
Using Your Referral Rewards (Some Examples)
Bonus time rentals at The Villas –
Two Bedroom Unit (sleeps 6)
375 rewards per night
18 hole round of golf at Fernwood (includes cart)
100 rewards per person
Snowtubing Pass
60 rewards per person
75 rewards per person
RCI Bonus Week Certificate (2 night rental minimum)
750 rewards
Horseback Riding
125 rewards per person
Massage (30 minutes)
200 rewards per person
Fernwood Restaurants ($75 in dinner certificates–
includes tax and gratuity. Does not include alcohol)
300 rewards

So what are you waiting for? It’s easy to do – just call the Referral Department at 800-233-6020 and let us do the rest. Your friends will love the free vacation and you will love the rewards and being able to enjoy vacations with them if you want.

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